Agri 042 Intro to Production Ag Class Offers Digital Badge

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Agri 042 Intro to Production Ag Class Offers Digital Badge

If you are in Nebraska, it is nearly impossible to evade a connection to the state’s most important industry, agriculture. But if you don’t have a background or direct exposure to ag or only have experience with a certain area, grasping the complexities of production ag can be daunting for some or overlooked by others.

A new digital badge course, Agri 042 kicked off at ENREEC and seeks to provide an overview of the production methods and systems involved in bringing food, fiber and fuel to consumers. The course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the multi-faceted side of the production agriculture.

In August, the Agri 042 Introduction to Production Ag in Nebraska class focused on crop production. Two-day courses are designed for those with limited or no understanding of Nebraska production agriculture. The focus encompasses decision-making, production processes, conservation and economics of modern agriculture. Another class centering on livestock production will be Oct. 18 and 19.

To learn more about what Agri 042 offers and how to get involved, visit the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center website.

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