Ag Budget Calculator User Workshops Scheduled for Aug. 18, 24

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Ag Budget Calculator User Workshops Scheduled for Aug. 18, 24

Want to learn more about the new Ag Budget Calculator (ABC) program and how it can help you create budgets for your crop enterprises? The Center for Agricultural Profitability is hosting two online workshops next week for individuals to learn how to better use this new product.

If you are an “early adopter” in the user/tester group, hopefully you’ve set up your account and now just need a boost in making the program work for you! Maybe you are already a seasoned user but have some questions about the program’s features. 

New users are welcome to attend, as well. If you haven't registered to use the Ag Budget Calculator tool yet, create a new account here.

Register for one or both of the following online training sessions scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 1 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. 

Session topics will include: 

  • Getting Started with ABC 
  • Information to have handy to help you enter your data
  • Entering field operations and materials & services relating to field operations
  • Machinery and equipment input data (this helps determine your machinery operation costs)
  • What goes in “other” expenses? 
  • Entering revenue
  • Printing reports
  • What other features to ABC have been added lately? Risk module, breakeven analysis, etc.

For questions about the Ag Budget Calculator or training sessions, contact Glennis McClure at 402-472-0661.

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