2020 Farm Production Expenditures Down 4%

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2020 Farm Production Expenditures Down 4%

Farm and ranch production expenditures for Nebraska totaled $20.3 billion in 2020, down 4% from a year earlier, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Livestock expenses, the largest expenditure category, at $5.03 billion, decreased 10% from 2019. Rent, the next largest expense category, at $2.44 billion, decreased 2% from 2019. Feed, the third largest total expense category at $2.17 billion, decreased 11% from 2019.

Livestock expenses accounted for 25% of Nebraska's total production expenditures. Rent accounted for 12, feed 11, and farm services 9%.

The total expenditures per farm or ranch in Nebraska averaged $445,714 in 2020, down 3 from 2019. The Livestock expense category was the leading expenditure, at $110,549 per operation, 5.61 times the national average. Rent expenditures, at $53,626 per operation, were 3.58 times the national average. The average feed expenditure, at $47,692, was 1.69 times the national average. Farm services expenditures per operation, at $40,879, were 1.84 times the national average.

These results are based on data from Nebraska farmers and ranchers who participated in the Agricultural Resource Management Survey conducted by USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Producers were contacted in January through April to collect 2020 farm and ranch expenses.

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