Two Nutrient Management Decision Tools Updated

Two Nutrient Management Decision Tools Updated

Recently, two nutrient management tools produced by Nebraska Extension have been updated and are now available.

Corn P-Rate Calculator

The corn P-rate determination can be based on P removed in harvests or on soil test P availability, which ever gives the higher rate. This Excel calculator, which is based off of EC 117 “Nutrient Management Suggestions for Corn,” had a problem which resulted in a non-functional file. Roger Wilson and Charles Wortmann corrected this and also made a small revision to the calculator’s choice of the P removal or soil test P option in rate determination. The calculator may not work on some Apple McIntosh computers.

Nitrogen Loss Assessment Tool (N-LAT)

The N-LAT tool had an error in the estimation of ammonia volatilization with fall applied manure. Jim Jansen and Charles Wortmann corrected this issue. The estimates for the availability of organic N from applied manure were also updated.

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