Nebraska Extension Brings Introductory Field Scout Training Online May 13

Nebraska Extension Brings Introductory Field Scout Training Online May 13

Nebraska Extension is conducting introductory level field scout training online during a May 13 training session.

The introductory training course is for summer employees working in the agricultural industry, as well as corn and soybean growers wanting to learn how to better manage corn and soybean pests.

“The training is designed for entry-level scouts who are working for crop consultants, industry agronomists or farm service centers in Nebraska and neighboring states,” said Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension educator. Glewen says the training course is also ideal for growers who scout their own fields or are interested in improving productivity, as well as for students employed by agribusinesses.

“Past participants have consistently given our field scout training high marks and state that the knowledge gained improved their scouting skills. Some of the benefits registrants stated the training provided included practical/working knowledge and better accuracy in field scouting,” Glewen said.

Topics include:

  • Factors influencing the growth and development of corn and soybeans
  • Crop diseases and quiz
  • Weed control management: identifying weeds – plant morphology, herbicide management
  • Using a key to identify weed seedlings
  • Corn and soybean insect management
  • Nutrient deficiencies in corn and soybeans

The course will be offered remotely via Zoom. The training fee is $50. Paid pre-registration is required in order to obtain access to the remote training and to receive Certified Crop Advisor credits.

Registration closes on May 13 at 8 a.m. Register at or e-mail

For more information, email Keith Glewen at, call Nebraska Extension at 402-624-8030, or visit the website at

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