Extension Crop and Pest Reports (Oct. 5-9)

Extension Crop and Pest Reports (Oct. 5-9)

Jenny Rees

Extension Educator York and Seward Counties

Soybeans in the area are over 90% harvested and corn is approaching the half-way mark. Most were happy with soybean yields with non-irrigated ranging from 40-60+ and irrigated from 70-90+ bu/ac until beans rapidly dried the past few weeks. Corn, it seems, is all over the board. The July 8th windstorm caused a great deal of greensnap and leaned plants in area fields. Depending on severity, was estimating and now seeing a lot of 180-240 bu/ac irrigated corn in those fields. Growers with non-irrigated fields in Seward county are seeing yields of 180-220 bu/ac. Corn also greatly varies in moisture. Non-irrigated fields are quickly reaching 15.5% and lower. Irrigated fields range from 15-25% regardless of maturity. Seeing stalk rot at this time mostly on plants that had ears droop pre-maturely.

harvested corn being loaded into a grain cart
Photo 1. Harvesting the York Co. Corn Grower plot Oct. 3.
corn interseeded with brassicas
Photo 2. The brassicas are taking off in this white corn field interseeded at V4-V5 with greater sunlight into the canopy.

Sarah Sivits

Extension Educator Dawson, Buffalo and Hall Counties

Several producers are done harvesting soybeans with reports coming in anywhere from 20-50 bu/ac on dryland and 70-90 bu/ac on irrigated ground. Seed corn has been harvested and corn is picking up across the area. Many producers are done with high moisture corn and while some producers were able to get regular corn started, others are waiting for the moisture to come down. Reports for dryland corn is 140-170 bu/ac with irrigated corn averaging around 240-280 bu/ac so far. Wheat is going in after soybeans right now and many producers have seeded cover crops already. There is some alfalfa down in the area for the final cutting of the year. Milo is also coming out in spots, but I haven’t heard any reports on yields at this time.

corn ear rot
Photo 1. Ear rot on corn.

John Thomas

Extension Educator Box Butte County

Corn harvest is just getting off to a good start. We are probably 10% into the corn harvest and it looks like yields will be a little lower than average, it is kind of hard to tell at this point. Dry bean harvest is essentially finished with yields coming in approximately 10-15% below average. We are seeing a lot of bean yields at 35 to 45 bu/ac this year. Sugarbeet early harvest lasted more than a month this year and regular harvest began on October 6th. Again it looks like sugarbeet yields and percent sugar will be good this year. Winter wheat is 95% planted and 80% up. We remain very dry and are really needing some moisture especially for our winter wheat and range lands.

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A field of corn.