Extension Crop and Pest Reports (July 6-10)

Extension Crop and Pest Reports (July 6-10)

Jenny Rees

Extension Educator York and Seward Counties

Corn in the area is approaching or just beginning to tassel with soybeans at full flower to beginning pod. Grateful to have received 0.5-1.5” of rain early this morning! Strong winds resulted in corn leaning over and some snapped off; hard to assess extent of damage at this time. Western bean cutworm egg masses being found at low levels in southern part of area. In soybean, various defoliators can be seen at low levels. Reports of soybeans being stunted and look like they’re dying in patches that are spreading. In these situations I’m finding spidermites due to hot, dry conditions, particularly in stressed soybeans. Seeing lowest corn disease pressure in years! With tight economics, encouraging farmers to hold off on fungicide applications till disease pressure warrants application…at least till brown silk and can apply as late as dough based on UNL research. Considerations as we approach tassel in this blog post: https://jenreesources.com/2020/07/05/jenrees-7-5-20/. (7/9/20)

corn tassel
Photo 1. Corn in area is beginning to tassel or near tassel.
spidermites on soybean
Photo 2. Spidermites on soybeans showing up due to hot, dry weather. They are occurring in patches in stressed soybeans.
corn leaning or broken by wind or rain
Photo 3. Corn leaning and broke off after early morning rain/wind storm 7/9/20.

Gary Lesoing

Extension Educator Nemaha County

With some excellent rains recently and warm temperatures, crops have really taken off and look very good in 2020. Farmers have had some decent weather to be spraying fields for weed control. We have had some hail earlier in the northwest part of the county, near Johnson and Brock, but hopefully will recover. Unlike 2019 when we had several fields with nitrogen deficiencies due to all the rain we had, most fields of corn look excellent and are starting to tassel. There are only a few fields showing areas with nitrogen deficiencies this year, compared to many in 2019 (7/7/20).

field corn in Nemaha county
Photo 1. Corn Nemaha County.
Nitrogen deficient corn in Nemaha County
Photo 2. Nitrogen deficient corn in Nemaha County.
Soybeans in Nemaha County
Photo 3. Soybeans in Nemaha County.

Karen DeBoer

Extension Educator Cheyenne County

Wheat harvest recently started in the area and field pea harvest will begin soon. Sunflowers, proso millet, and dryland corn are surviving the heat, wind, and dry conditions. Thunderstorms are producing lightning and strong winds with some hail, and not much rain. Irrigated crops such as corn and dry beans look good. (7/9/2020)

yellow peas in Cheyenne county
Photo 1. Yellow peas in Cheyenne County.
wheat field in Cheyenne County
Photo 2. Winter wheat in Cheyenne County.
sunflowers in Cheyenne county
Photo 3. Sunflowers in Cheyenne County.
proso millet in Cheyenne county
Photo 4. Proso millet in Cheyenne County.

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A field of corn.