Eighty-three 2021 UNL Crop Budgets Available

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Eighty-three 2021 UNL Crop Budgets Available

The 2021 University of Nebraska-Lincoln crop budgets include 83 production budgets for 15 crops as well as information on crop budgeting procedures, standard costs used and a production cost summary. One new spring wheat budget was added this year, No. 74, using southwest Nebraska land values.

Updated annually, these budgets are a valuable resource to Nebraska producers for managing the financial side of their crop production operation. The current university crop budgets provide both a cash cost per unit of production and a total cost of production or economic cost per unit for each crop.

Budgets are grouped by crop and provided in two formats: a printable PDF file and an Excel worksheet that can be downloaded and updated to match your crop production operation and expenses. Detailed information on how these budgets were developed, along with machinery and ownership costs, general variables, and material and service pricing are included in the introductory pages.

For complete details, or to download the 2021 budgets, please visit the crop budgets page.

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