Crop Insurance and Irrigating Storm Damaged Fields

Crop Insurance and Irrigating Storm Damaged Fields

With recent storm damage, the following are resources and considerations when it comes to crop insurance and irrigating storm damaged fields.

Watermark sensor installed in corn
Figure 2. Wetting Watermark sensors prior to installation

Handle My Insurance - This portion of the HailKnow website shares information related to Crop Insurance including questions to ask and types of coverage. You can view all hail related information on the HailKnow section of CropWatch.

Insurance policies may dictate irrigating the field if it is not deemed a total loss in order to determine a final irrigated yield. If the canopy is partially destroyed, it is difficult to estimate crop water use. Corn plants have twice as many leaves as needed to fully capture solar radiation which is the driving factor in transpiration. Even with 50% leaf loss, the crop MAY still be close to full crop water use.

Using sensors to monitors soil moisture is an effective tool to ensure that the crop is fully watered without running the pivot a couple times a week. They can also provide the needed data that the field was not moisture stressed.

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