Panhandle Wheat Report

Panhandle Wheat Report

Wheat growth in Nebraska has been hampered by cold temperatures this spring and is behind previous years in development. Freezing temperatures a few weeks ago damaged leaf tips and a recent snow storm covered the majority of Nebraska wheat.

Although cold temperatures have caused visible injury, damage is not expected to be observed on the grain heads when they emerge because wheat was still producing tillers and was either not jointed or had recently jointed when cold temperatures occurred. Some winterkill has been reported in the northwest corner of the state.

Overall, wheat stands are very good and this year’s crop should yield well with the adequate soil moisture that is available.

wheat with minimal leaf burn from cold temperatures
Snows and several periods of cold temperatures in April and May 1-2 led to leaf burning on some wheat in the Panhandle, including this field near Sidney. The cold is not expected to cause major damage. (Photo by Cody Creech)

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