Light Trap Data Available Online

Light Trap Data Available Online

Insect light trap
Light trap

The UNL Entomology Department operates black light traps at four locations to monitor insect activity as an early warning of potential pest problems. Treatment decisions cannot be made on the basis of light trap data, but they can alert us to what pests are active and their seasonal occurrence. The traps are located at the

  • West Central Research and Extension Center, North Platte;
  • South Central Agricultural Lab, Clay Center;
  • Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center, Mead; and
  • Haskell Agricultural Lab, Concord.

Data for all four locations can be found at

To date we have been seeing true armyworm moths at several eastern Nebraska sites, as well as yellow woolly bear moths. These are potential early season caterpillar pests that you should be alert for as you  scout fields.