Extension Crop Reports (Aug. 5-9)

Extension Crop Reports (Aug. 5-9)

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Southern rust

To view the latest counties where southern rust has been confirmed, visit corn.ipmpipe.org/southerncornrust/

Robotic demo in the field

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Megan Taylor, Extension Educator, reporting for Platte, Boone, and Nance Counties: Irrigating and spraying insecticide/fungicide has dominated the past several weeks. We could really use rain in my area. Southern rust was confirmed by Tamra  Jackson-Ziems near Creston. Gray leaf spot has really started to show across these three counties and some Northern leaf blight is showing as well. Western bean cutworm has also been in some of the areas south of Columbus and along the sandy areas of Beaver and Cedar rivers, but pressure has been relatively low. In beans, soybean gall midge is continuing to work its way into the fields from the edges. There is some dectes stem borer north of Genoa. Many are beginning to make plans for the cover crops planted in prevent plant acres. (8/6/19)

John Wilson, Extension Educator in Burt County: We are dry, dry, dry! Most corn has silked and soybeans are flowering and setting pods. We’re about three hot, stressful days from significant crop losses! Fortunately, temperatures have been moderate and humidity has been high, which is a problem for humans and livestock but has helped the crops. Things look surprisingly good for the kind of weather we’ve been having; however, pastures are starting to show the stress of the long, dry stretch. Lots of questions on all the butterflies people are seeing. They're painted lady butterflies, whose larvae, thistle caterpillars, have been wreaking havoc in soybean fields in eastern Nebraska. (8/6/19)

Tyler Williams, Extension Educator in Lancaster County: Conditions here are pretty dry, particularly in eastern Lancaster County. A lot of corn in this area was planted early and has a good root system and looks good. Thistle caterpillars are out in full force. (8/6/19)

Ron Seymour, Extension Educator in Adams County: We're seeing bacterial leaf streak in corn. Corn is in the milk stage for the most part and looks pretty good. Soybeans are at R2-3 with some dectes stem borer, clover worms, and yellow-striped armyworms. Conditions are dry, although Red Cloud, Franklin, and Grand Island did get some rain. (8/6/19)

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