Contact Update for NDA Mediation, NextGen Programs

Contact Update for NDA Mediation, NextGen Programs

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s NextGen and Negotiations Programs have a new phone number: 402-471-4876.

The Negotiations Program provides mediation services for ag borrowers, lenders, and USDA program participants. Mediation is designed for quick resolution and is a voluntary, confidential process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator:

  • helps those in conflict identify and clarify the issues,
  • directs collaborative problem solving, and
  • helps parties reach a solution.

For more information visit

NextGen utilizes the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act to help new producers get a head start in farming and ranching, while giving back to the farmers and ranchers who own agricultural assets. NextGen provides Nebraska income tax credits to an owner who leases to an eligible beginning farmer for a minimum of three years. The beginner secures a three-year lease and may apply for a personal property tax exemption. For more information visit

Board of Directors Openings

The Board of Directors for the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act, marketed as NextGen, has openings for an agricultural lending representative and a Congressional District 3 representative currently engaged in farming or livestock production. Board of Director members provide crucial insight and expertise to their respective boards, committees, and commissions. Please consider sharing your time and talents to make a difference in the agriculture industry in Nebraska. Applications are available online. For additional information, contact Karla Bahm at 402-471-4876.

Online Master of Science in Agronomy

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