Have You Read Your Pesticide Labels Lately?

Have You Read Your Pesticide Labels Lately?

As you ready your field equipment for the coming crop season, are you including a respirator as part of your personal protective equipment? If you haven’t thought about it, now is the time to read and understand the labels of pesticides intended for use in 2018.

Two types of respirators
Figure 1. Respirators provide protection only if they are in good condition, appropriate for the work, and fit the subject. The fit test determines whether the respirator can provide protection. Remember to read and understand the label before using any pesticide.

Certain pesticides, such as formulations of Engenia® and Lorsban™, require a NIOSH-approved respirator to mix, load, handle, and apply.

In addition, when the Worker Protection Standard applies and the label requires respiratory protection, a medical exam, fit test, and training are required before the respirator is used. Even if not required, these are good practices to follow. They ensure that you are physically able to wear a respirator, that the respirator fits correctly to keep you safe, and that you know how to use it. The product label will tell you what is needed. Remember, the label is the law, and as such, using pesticides is a big responsibility for you, your family, and your neighbors.

Resources are available to help you better understand the legal and safety requirements. This University of Minnesota Crop News article is one: Respirator Requirements for Engenia® and Lorsban™.

In addition see two detailed Nebraska Extension publications:

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