Extension Crop & Field Report

Figure 1. Comparison of lesions of gray leaf spot (left) near Duncan and bacterial leaf spot near Cornlea. (Photos by Megan Taylor)

Extension Crop & Field Report July 20, 2018

Megan Taylor, Extension Educator reporting for Platte, Boone, and Nance counties: Around my area disease and insects are the most common issues. Corn is around R1 to R3. There is prevalence of tassel ear in some corn fields. Soybeans range from R2 to R4. Bacterial leaf streak and gray leaf spot have been two of the major players. I have also seen pockets in the southernmost part of Platte County with Goss’s wilt and Northern corn leaf blight. In soybeans there are pockets of Frogeye leaf spot with some fields starting to show moderate lesions on the upper canopy. Bean leaf beetle and Japanese beetles have really started being more active. Growers in the area have been applying fungicide and insecticide throughout the week. Hay and forage crops continue to flourish with the timely rains.

Japanese beetle injury to soybean
Figure 2. Soybean leaf injury from Japanese beetle feeding in a field east of Columbus.