Agronomy Youth Field Day Aug. 8 at Curtis

Youth at Youth Agronomy Field Day
Figure 1. Brad Ramsdale, professor of agronomy at the Nebraska College for Technical Agriculture, discusses plant and weed identification with a group of youth at a previous Youth Agronomy FIeld Day. (Photos by Kathy Burr)

Agronomy Youth Field Day Aug. 8 at Curtis

Youth ages 9-18 years are invited to the 3rd Annual Agronomy Youth Field Day in Curtis to get hands-on experience learning about the science of agronomy and Nebraska crops. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. August 8 at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Educational Center.

Youth can engage in educational experiences while learning about careers in science and agronomy, irrigation, and mechanized agricultural.

In the morning hands-on field activities (for all ages) will focus on pest management, equipment technology, crop growth, soil erosion and soil management, precision farming, and center-pivot irrigation technology. Among the activities, students will:

  • scout crops and learn about plant and weed identification,
  • view rainfall simulations and the resulting soil erosion,
  • use sensors to measure soil moisture, and
  • see how those measurements are used in irrigation management.
Youth participating in a previous Agronomy Youth Field Day at Curtis
Figure 2. Curiosity is key to learning and the Agronomy Youth Field Day offers a myriad of opportunities for youth to explore, learn, talk with kid-friendly experts, and consider careers in agronomic fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Afternoon sessions will be geared toward laboratory and classroom activities. The interactive sessions are organized in two tracts: one for youth ages 9-11 years and one for youth ages 12-18 years. A team of Nebraska Extension educators specializing in cropping systems, water systems, and 4-H youth development along with agronomy and ag mechanics professors at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture will share research-based information with the students.

The six-hour field day is a great opportunity for youth to gain important life skills while increasing their understanding of science, ag literacy, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Adults are also welcome. Lunch will be provided.

Past field day youth participants rated the day “Excellent” and had these comments:

  • “The learning experience helped me understand agronomy really well.”
  • “I learned about tools that help benefit field quality.”
  • “I liked hearing about different careers!’
  • “The program changed my thoughts on soil since I learned about different soil types.”
  • “I liked being a crop consultant during the day.”


Reserve your spot today by registering online at: by August 3. For more information (or if there is a question about registration) contact Nebraska Extension in Frontier County at 308-367-4424 or email 4-H Educator Kathy Burr at