Can You Help Weed Scientists Assess IWM Knowledge and Use?

Can You Help Weed Scientists Assess IWM Knowledge and Use?

How much do you know about Integrated Weed Management (IWM) strategies and their application to your operation? That's the question being asked by a national group of weed scientists who want to better understand the current status of IWM knowledge among growers and practitioners so they can target new information resources.

They're inviting you to test your knowledge by taking a 20-question online quiz. After taking the quiz, the tool shares the correct answers so you get a chance to learn too. Participation is anonymous, but will be a valuable information resource for those creating weed management educational programs.

IWM is in the spotlight because as troublesome herbicide-resistant weeds continue to develop and spread across the United States, effective weed management requires the use of multiple effective techniques rather than a single control method. IWM is the practice of using multiple tactics — chemical, cultural, biological, and mechanical — to achieve weed suppression superior to what a single tactic could provide.

Please take a few mintures to take the short quiz at It was written by weed scientists from 14 universities and the USDA with funding from the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Find more information on integrated weed management at

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