Weed Management, Cover Crops Field Day June 28

Weed Management, Cover Crops Field Day June 28

View field demonstrations of the latest weed management technologies and cover crop trials at the Nebraska Extension Weed Management and Cover Crops Field Day June 28 at the South Central Agricultural Laboratory near Clay Center. The event, which includes lunch, will be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The field day will include on-site demonstrations of herbicides for weed control in corn, popcorn, and soybean as well as a view of ongoing cover crop research. An early morning demonstration will focus on weed control in soybeans followed by a demonstration of projects for weed control in corn, popcorn and sorghum. Onsite demonstration of cover crop research will highlight the afternoon session.

Demonstrations of new technology and herbicides for weed control in soybean will feature:

  • An unbiased comparison of herbicide programs of different companies for weed control in Roundup Ready, Liberty Link, and xtend soybeans. A few new herbicides will be discussed.
  • Weed control and crop safety in Roundup Ready 2Xtend Soybean: Understanding the dicamba-based weed control program and crop safety in dicamba-resistant soybean.
  • herbicide programs for weed control in Balance Bean: Balance Bean soybean is tolerant to Balance Flexx, glyphosate, and Liberty.
  • Herbicide programs for weed control in Bolt Soybean: Bolt soybean is tolerant to ALS inhibiting herbicides.
  • Herbicide programs for weed control in conventional soybean: Several herbicide programs with different modes of action will be compared for broad-spectrum weed control in conventional soybean.

Demonstrations of herbicides for weed control in corn, popcorn, and sorghum will feature:

  • Unbiased comparison of several herbicide programs by different companies for weed control in glyphosate- plus glufosinate-resistant corn. Several new herbicides also will be discussed.
  • Effect of raw spacing and herbicide on weed control in popcorn: Effect of 30- and 15-inch or twin rows and PRE vs POST herbicide application on weed control in popcorn.
  • DiFlexx DUO for Weed Control in Corn: DiFlexx DUO is a premix of DiFlexx and Laudis with CSI safener. The project will demonstrate weed control and crop safety with DiFlexx DUO applied at different rates compared with other POST herbicides in corn.
  • Weed control, including herbicide programs, and crop response in INZEN sorghum, which is tolerant to ALS-inhibiting herbicide-nicosulfuron (Zest).
  • Injury symptoms of dicamba or 2,4-D on a number of crops.

Demonstrations of cover crop research will include:

  • Cover crops in corn and soybean systems including planting dates, plant populations, and maturities. Participants will walk cover crop experiments planted in corn and/or soybean.
  • Cover crop pluses and minuses: Bio-mass, nitrogen for the following crop, nitrates, erosion, water use, and crop yields.

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) continuing education units will be available.

There is no cost to attend the field day, but participants are asked to register at http://agronomy.unl.edu/fieldday.

The South Central Agricultural Laboratory is 4.5 miles west of the intersection of Highways 14 and 6, or 12.4 miles east of Hastings on Highway 6. GPS coordinates of the field day site are 40.57539, -98.13776.


For more information about the field day, contact the organizers:

Amit Jhala
Roger Elmore

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