View Corn Plots and 7 Demos of Irrigation Scheduling Equipment at Aug. 31 Tour

View Corn Plots and 7 Demos of Irrigation Scheduling Equipment at Aug. 31 Tour

In addition to 24 corn variety plots the Hamilton County Corn Growers Association’s 2017 tour will feature demonstrations of seven irrigation scheduling equipment systems. The tour will start at 11 a.m. Thursday, August 31, near Aurora.

The irrigation scheduling equipment has been recording data in the field throughout the summer and will allow for attendees to compare how each of the systems handles similar data.

Nebraska Extension Educator Steve Melvin will lead a discussion on understanding data from the equipment and how to make good irrigation scheduling decisions with it. Attendees will be able to compare a range of options from low-cost simple devices to more expensive, higher tech systems. Five of the systems have telemetry that shares the data to a smart phone or website where the irrigator can see and analyze the information. Growers are invited to view data displays from these field installations prior to the event at the web sites listed using the ID and password provided below.

The systems include:

  • Rain gauge plus an ETgage by ETgage Company
  • Watermark Monitor by Irrometer
  • The Profiler by Servi-Tech,
    Username: SMELVIN   Password: Hamilton
  • AddVANTAGE Pro by Adcon Telemetry,
    Username: steve.melvin  Password: sm2017
  • Virtual Optimizer by Crop Metrics;;
    Username:   Password: cropmetrics
  • FieldNET Advisor by Lindsay. This system is integrated with the pivot and thus the website just goes to the FieldNET demo site and not the actual pivot. Username: demouser  Password: showdemo
  • Phytech,;
    Username: Password:  Nebraska
A sample screen from the Servi-Tech irrigation scheduling system, The Profiler, one of seven to be demonstrated at the Aug. 31 Hamilton County Corn Growers Association tour.

The program will start at 11 a.m. with a tour of corn hybrids at the site just west of the intersection of M Road and Hwy 34 on the south side (4 miles west of the junction of Hwys 34 and 14 in Aurora), just past the viaduct.

The event will continue with lunch at noon at the Oswald Farm followed by the irrigation scheduling presentations. The farm is located from L Road and Hwy 34 (5 miles west of the Hwy 34 and 14 junction in Aurora), 1 mile south to 12th Rd., then 1/2 mile west on the south side of the road.

For more information, contact Steve Melvin at 308-946-3843 or

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