USDA Reports Wheat Crop at 46.9 Million Bushels

USDA Reports Wheat Crop at 46.9 Million Bushels September 29, 2017

Nebraska Wheat

See this week's report from the Nebraska Wheat Board for an update on wheat planting progress.

Winter wheat production is estimated at 46.9 million bushels, down 34% from last year, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. The area harvested for grain totaled 1.02 million acres, down 22% from 2016.

Planted acreage totaled a record low 1.12 million, down 18% from a year earlier. The yield is 46.0 bushels per acre, down 8 bushels from last year.

Oat production is estimated at 1.72 million bushels, up 14% from 2016. Area harvested for grain, at 35,000 acres, is up 40% from last year. Planted acreage totaled 110,000, down 19% from a year earlier. Average yield is 49.0 bushels per acre, down 11 bushels from 2016. Access the national publication for this release at