Documenting Climate Data Relative to Pesticide Injury

Documenting Climate Data Relative to Pesticide Injury

The Nebraska State Climate Office would like to remind the general public that historical Nebraska Mesonet data is available to the public in hourly and/or daily format.  With dicamba injury reports surging during the past few weeks, we want the public to be aware that data is available to research whether climatic conditions were a contributing factor. Entities looking to acquire Mesonet observation data should contact the State Climate Office at (402)-472-5206.

In order to expedite data requests when you contact us, we request that you provide us with a location and the approximate date of the suspected injury.  We will not charge producers looking to acquire weather information as long as the requested time period doesn’t exceed 30 days.  If this data eventually is used in legal proceedings, we will be required to charge the law firm so they can submit the data in an acceptable format that is recognized by the court system.

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