Crop Hail Damage Resources

Corn plant injured by hail
Figure 1. Corn plant exhibiting abnormal growth (wrapped or tied leaves) after being damaged by hail. (Photo by Justin McMechan)

Crop Hail Damage Resources

Following are several key Nebraska Extension resources with information on assessing hail damage to your crops. Additional information will be available in upcoming CropWatch issues.

As part of a 2015 University of Nebraska-Lincoln research project on the effects of hail on crop development, PhD graduate student Justin McMechan used time lapse photography to show how V4 corn recovered during the seven days post hail. McMechan, now Nebraska Extension crop protection and cropping systems specialist, was conducting the study with Roger Elmore, Extension cropping systems agronomist.

Nebraska Extension Publications

2017 CropWatch Articles

A search of CropWatch will also bring up earlier CropWatch articles related to hail and storm damage which may be helpful to your situation.

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A field of corn.