From the Combine: Considering Changes for 2017? Use On-farm Research to Test Them

From the Combine: Considering Changes for 2017? Use On-farm Research to Test Them

As hoppers, trucks and bins are filling up with corn and soybeans this fall, it’s the ideal time for growers to consider whether this year's production practices were profitable for their operation. Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension educator and project co-coordinator, says if growers are not certain or want confirmation, the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network (NOFRN) provides an opportunity for them to get answers for questions about their own fields.

“NOFRN provides a way for growers to validate their production practices and make decisions for future years based on what they have learned,” Glewen said.

NOFRN addresses critical production, profitability and natural resources questions. Research typically is conducted with the producer’s equipment, on the producer’s land and using the producer’s management practices. The on-farm research team work with growers to develop custom plans for research experiments. Glewen explains, “Our goal is to help growers get reliable information that they can use.”

NOFRN is a collaborative partnership which includes Nebraska Extension, Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Corn Growers Association and the Nebraska Soybean Board.

“The farm operator makes the final decision as to the research topic to be evaluated,” Glewen said. “We encourage growers to give careful thought as to what production practice may be limiting profitability or could enhance the use of soil and water resources on their farm.”

For more information on the project or how to participate, contact Laura Thompson, co-coordinator, at 402-624-8030 or or any Nebraska Extension office.

The NOFRN website is at

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