2015 NAWMN Mtg

2015 NAWMN Mtg

Nebraska Ag Water Management Network Meeting April 2

Placing an NAWMN gauge in the field
Figure 1. Placing an ET gage in a farmer's field to measure evapotranspiration water use as part of the work of the Nebraska Ag Water Management Network.

March 27, 2015

Collaborators, partners, and those who would like to learn more are invited to a meeting of the Nebraska Agricultural Water Management Network (NAWMN) April 2 in Hastings.

"It's a great opportunity for collaborators to learn about new technologies as well as to share with other collaborators the experience they've gained and innovations they've developed," said Suat Irmak, Extension Irrigation and Water Management Engineer and project leader.

"It's also a good time for producers who may be interested in becoming a collaborator to learn more about what the network offers," added Gary Zoubek, Extension Educator in York County and project co-leader.

The NAWMN goal is to transfer high quality research information to producers to use water and energy resources more efficiently for crop production and to enhance crop water productivity. Started in 2005 with 20 collaborators, NAWMN has now grown to more than 1200 collaborators who implement cutting-edge water management technologies/practices taught in the Network. Many of them regularly contribute water use data to a central NAWMN website. In turn, this information is used by growers across the state to fine-tune their irrigation management and application timing to current plant water needs.

The NAWMN program will be held at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Hastings from 9 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. The event is free, but RSVPs are requested for a meal count by March 31. To reply contact the York County Extension Office at (402) 362-5508 or gary.zoubek@unl.edu.

NAWMN April 2 Program

  • Welcome and update on status of NAWMN — Suat Irmak and Gary Zoubek
  • Soil moisture sensor — Capacitance type with AquaCheck USA
  • Soil moisture sensor — Capacitance type with JD Field Connect
  • Soil moisture sensor — Matric potential type with Profiler
  • Innovation Sharing. Bring your inventions and ideas to share with others.
  • NRD Update with Rod DeBuhr, Upper Big Blue NRD, and Daryl Andersen, LBNRD
  • NAWMN expands to Nebraska Ag Teachers with Extension Educator Brandy VanDeWalle
  • Research update with Irmak
  • Open discussion about NAWMN

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