2009 Crop Production Clinics Available On-line

2009 Crop Production Clinics Available On-line

April 24, 2009

The first annual Crop Production Clinics were held at eight locations across Nebraska (Beatrice, Fremont, Gering, Hastings, Kearney, Norfolk, North Platte, and York) in January 2009. The clinics provided valuable information to help crop producers and agribusiness professionals improve their profitability and safety. The Crop Production Clinics succeed the Crop Protection Clinics which had been conducted annually since 1974.

The Crop Production Clinics featured presentations from extension specialists and educators on soil fertility, soil water and irrigation management, crop production, pesticide safety, and weed, disease, and insect pest management. The programs for each location were tailored to meet the needs of cropping systems in that part of the state.

We recorded many of the presentations at different locations and are providing these videos online at http://cpc.unl.edu. To view the videos click on the 2009 Video Presentations at the top of the page. Presentations recorded at the Fremont, Hastings, York, North Platte, and Gering locations are available. The videos are grouped by discipline. Clicking on a discipline tab will allow you to see the individual presentation title, speaker, and location. Click on the title to view the video.

Lowell Sandell
Extension Educator, Weed Science
Mark Bernards
Extension Weeds Specialist