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Carl and David Sousek farm about 900 acres of corn and soybeans near Prague, Neb.  Like most grain producers, experience plays an important role in their operation.  But they also have come to rely on the importance of research, especially research on their own farm.  The Souseks are participating with a network of growers in the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network (NOFRN). Research is typically conducted with the producer's equipment, on the producer's land, using the producer's management practices.  Continue reading...

Nebraska growers are constantly challenged to grow crops responsibly using proven best-management practices, with less impact on the environment, and while conserving natural resources-- all of this while trying to make a profit.

The goal of the UNL Extension, the Nebraska Corn Board, and Nebraska Corn Growers Association partnership is to implement a statewide on-farm research program addressing critical farmer production, profitability and natural resources questions.

  • There is no fee to join the network and you will gain valuable, useful information for your operation.
  • The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network can help you get answers.
  • Download the brochure.
  • Download the  Excel file for research project protocols and examples, as well as a registration form for the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network.

Interactive On-Farm Research Guide Now Available!

An interactive, online magazine now provides comprehensive information for those considering on-farm research. The "Grower's Guide to On-Farm Research" at was developed as a tool to be used in conjunction with the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network.

On-Farm Research Protocols
Growers are encouraged to test research questions on your farms.  The Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association have also identified three projects they would like growers to conduct State-wide.

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