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Browse Irrigated Corn Population Studies

Irrigated corn population studies from 2010 to 2013 are now available in a new interactive format.  You can browse studies by year or check out locations near you.  Read more...

Browse Dryland Corn Population Studies

You can now browse through dryland corn population studies that have been conducted over the last 4 years.  Browse by year or by location to view studies conducted in your area.  Read more...


Preview of 2014 Study Results

Check out early previews of study results from 2014.

Harvest results from a soybean replant decision on June 11, 2014 in Platte County.  Click here.




Growers can choose from 1 or more of these research comparisons:

***Additional Pre-Plant Nitrogen Studies: If you are interested in comparing your own nitrogen application rate versus the UNL recommendation, the UNL nitrogen rate can be determined by going to the following spreadsheet. An example is provided of what cells need to be completed in order to generate a UNL recommendation.

When designing a nitrogen comparison you need to remember nitrogen is a mobile nutrient and corn roots will spread laterally. Therefore, the width of the treatments must take this into account and compensate for it. If you have a 16 row nitrogen applicator and an 8 row corn head, you will need 32 rows of each nitrogen rate. Each 32 row strip must be repeated 4 times. At harvest, in each 32 row block, you must record and weigh the center 16 rows with two separate weights i.e. 8+8 . This is done for statistical analysis purposes. Without statistics, you cannot determine if differences between treatments is the result of the nitrogen rate or because of soil variability.


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