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Working with Nebraska's producers for 26 years to address critical production, profitability, and natural resources questions.

2014 Growing Season Research Results Book is now Available

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Over 250 Attend On-Farm Research Annual Results Update

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network continues to grow! This year the program expanded to include 3 update meetings with over 250 in attendance. Growers and educators discussed results from over 75 on-farm research studies. A number of topics were covered: cover crops, foliar fungicides, growth promoters, harvest methods, seed treatments, foliar micro-nutrients, planting operations, corn and soybean planting populations, variable rate seeding, and more!

Precision Ag Data Management Workshops

Data management workshops will be held in February and March throughout Nebraska.  For all dates and locations click here.  

Browse Soybean Population Studies

Browse through soybean population studies conducted between 2006 - 2013.  In a 2014 CropWatch Survey 56% of Nebraska producers reported planting between 140,000 and 170,000 seeds/acre.  Is your seeding rate too high? Click here to view.

Intoducing: Project SENSE

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is launching a new project focused on improving the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer use.  Project SENSE (Sensors for Efficient Nitrogen Use and Stewardship of the Environment) will implement 20 on-farm research sites each year, over the next 3 years.  Richard Ferguson, UNL Extension Soil Specialist, is leading the project which will focus on crop canopy sensors to direct variable-rate, in-season nitrogen application in corn. Read more...

Producers Experiment with Variable Rate Seeding

With the capability of planters to variable-rate seed, more farmers are trying this feature out in their fields.  The technology holds promise as it can help increase return on investment of seed by putting more seeds where there is more potential for increased yield.  Two Nebraska producers are working with Nebraska's On-Farm Research Network to better understand the yield and economic consequence of their variable-rate planting strategy. Read more...

Planting More Soybeans Into a Thin Stand: Money in My Pocket or Not?

This spring, a farmer in Platte County, Nebraska faced a difficult replant decision.  To better understand the yield and profitability impact of this decision, he carried out a replant experiment with the help of the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network.  His question: should I add more soybeans to my early season thin stand? The results of this study highlight the importance of making careful, thoughtful decisions in regards to replanting. Read more...

Browse Irrigated Corn Population Studies

Irrigated corn population studies from 2010 to 2013 are now available in a new interactive format.  You can browse studies by year or check out locations near you.  Read more...

Browse Dryland Corn Population Studies

You can now browse through dryland corn population studies that have been conducted over the last 4 years.  Browse by year or by location to view studies conducted in your area.  Read more...





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