Nebraska Extension On-Farm Research Protocols

Nebraska Extension Protocols

These protocols are designed by UNL faculty to answer questions that are of critical importance to your farming operation.

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Cover Crops

NEW for 2018!  Interseeding Cover Crop into Corn at V6 Growth Stage

NEW for 2018! Corn CRM Hybrids for Improving Cover Crop Establishment

3-year Rye Cover Crop Study (for sloping or sandy soil)

Crop Management - Population

NEW for 2019! Soybean Management Practices - Yield Benchmarking

Corn Planting Population: 4 Populations

Corn Planting Populations: 2 Populations

Soybean Population Research Protocol: 4 Populations

NEW for 2018! Soybean Population Research Protocol: 2 Populations

NEW for 2018! Soybean Early vs. Later Planting Date Protocol

NEW for 2018! Soybean Maturity Group Comparison with Early Planting

Variable Rate Planting: Protocols developed on an individual basis.

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Crop Protection

V5 Fungicide Applications for Corn

Sugar Studies

Sugar on Corn, Soybean, and Sorghum

Sugar vs. Fungicide vs. Check

Nitrogen Management - Pre-Plant Studies

UNL Pre-Plant Corn N Recommendation +/- 30 lbs

UNL Pre-Plant Corn N Recommendation vs. Producer Pre-Plant N Recommendation

UNL Pre-Plant Corn N Recommendation vs. UNL N Recommendation as Variable Rate

Maize-N Pre-Plant Corn N Recommendation vs. Producer N Recommendation

Nitrogen Management - Sidedress Studies

2018 Featured Study - Nitrogen Decision Management Tools
Do you use a nitrogen decision model to determine your N rate?  Are you interested a research project about your recommendation strategy?  More sidedress N management protocols and opportunities coming soon!

Maize-N Sidedress vs. Producer N Sidedress

PSNT-N +/-30 lb N/ac at Sidedress

UNL Corn Nitrogen Recommendation +/- 30 lb N/ac at Sidedress

UNL Nitrogen Calculator Spreadsheet

For nitrogen calculator help:
Brian Krienke

Evaluating Sidedress Nitrogen Decision Tools

Irrigation Management Protocols

Traditional vs. 75% Irrigation Study (with hybrid and population options)

Industry Partnership Protocols

These protocols are designed in cooperation with industry to answer specific questions.  For more details about each study, click on the links below.

Commence Seed Treatment on Corn

New 2018 Protocol! Agnition Commence Seed Treatment

Ag Concepts Products
Growth Promoters & Biological Products

AnnGro R Fertilizer Additive (ANNGRO USA)

Cutomized Protocols

Do you have a specific research topic in mind? We can design a protocol customized to your farming operation.

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