Engaging Youth in Crop Production

-Test your knowledge of corn development with this online crossword puzzle!
-Thinking about planting? Find terms related to Prepping for Planting!
-What macronutrients do crops need?  Play Crops Hangman to find out!


Upcoming Events:

Crop and Plant Science Facts

Dig into some interesting facts about Nebraska crops.

  • Learn how crops grow and factors that affect them.


Learn the science behind crops issues and how crop science relates to careers, through fun activities!

  • Be savvy on crop growth, diseases, insects and weeds.
  • Just have some fun and test your knowledge with interactive games.
  • Learn about exciting career opportunities related to crop and plant science. The University of Nebraska offers great majors for anyone interested in anything plants. Check it out!

4-H and FFA Crop Projects

Check out all the opportunities to learn through hands-on projects and workshops on:

  • plant sciences,
  • crop production,
  • range management,
  • entomology,
  • Crop Science Investigation - integrated pest management.

Pick some of your own interesting projects and enter your project in your local county or state fair!

4-H Pick-a-Project Guide
4-H Crop Curriculum (ISU link)
4-H Range Management Curriculum
4-H Insectigator Curriculum
4-H Horticulture Curriculum
4-H Plant Science Contests

Teaching Activities and Resources

Encourage youth to think more about agricultural careers with the help of educational resources for:

  • 4-H Leaders
  • Ag Teachers
  • Extension Personnel
  • Interested Parents/ Mentors

Discover Entomology Brochure

For more information on degree programs in agronomy or other plant science related careers:

Big Red Crops Camp

  • Youth can network with UNL faculty and other crop professionals

If you want more information on this or would like to join our team of detectives to solve crop-related problems, check out the information on the Crop Science Investigation (CSI) Big Red Camp!


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