Past Web Seminars 

Archived Forums. 2007 — 2010

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1. January Commercializing the Industrial Beet-Sugar Pathway in the Northern Great Plains

2. February Anticipated Impacts of Proposed 2014 RFS-2 Volumes on Corn and Soybean Prices

3. March Ethanol and Small Engines


1. January Myths and Facts of Climate Change and Global Warming

2. February Biodiesel, Feedstocks, Sustainability, and the Renewable Fuel Standard 2013

3. March Modern Biodiesel Production

4. April Bioenergy Crops for Michigan and the Upper Midwest

5. June Aphid Resistance in Switchgrass CenUSA Bioenergy

6. July Exploring Energy Efficiency & Alternatives (E3A)

7. August Ethanol and Legacy Engines

8. September Diversifying Cellulosic Feedstocks with Native Perennial Grasses


1. January: Ethanol Engines

2. February: Solar PV Technologies

3. March: Switchgrass

4. April: Combustion of Biomass

5. May: Thermochemical conversion (Pyrolysis)

6. June: Torrefaction

7. July: Present and Future of Ethanol and Biofuels

8. August: Energy Codes

9. September: North American Small Wind Certification

10. October: On Farm Energy Efficiency

11. November: Physics of Small Wind Turbines


1. May: Entrepreneural Opportunities in Bioenergy


Cellulosic Biofuels Web Seminar Series 2010

1. March: State of the Industry: Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol

2. April: Economics of Ethanol and the New Cellulosic Industry

3. May: Cellulosic Biofuel Logistics 

4. June: Agronomic Impacts of Cellulosic Material Harvest – perspectives from the eastern and western corn belt

5. July: Biomass Opportunity for Imperial Nebraska Region, Bob McGrath Imperial Young Farmers

6. September: Contracting Matters: A Discussion of Key Legal Considerations in Biomass Production, Harvesting, and Storage

7. October: Real Green from Real Green - Show Me Energy Cooperative


1. January Nebraska Ethanol Update

2. February Improvements in Life Cycle Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Corn Ethanol

3. March Algal Derived Biofuel

4. April Perennial Bioenergy Crops

5. May Ethanol Blend Increase E10 - E15 - A Corn and Cattle Industry Perspective

6. June Net Metering, and Wind Energy Legislation in Nebraska

7. August Community Impacts of Biofuel Development: Reflections from Kansas and Iowa. 

8. September Biofuels and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard 

9. September "Eyes Wide Open" Renewable Fuel Project Development

10. October Managing Your Expectations - Sizing a Small Wind Turbine to Your Load

11. November Understanding Wind Energy Leases 

12. December Public Involvement and Land Issues Relating to Wind Projects 


1. January Corncob Harvest

2. February Water Issues with Ethanol Production

3. March Nebraska Carbon Offsets in Agriculture

4. April Corn and Wood Furnaces

5. May Wind Power 101

6. June Storage of Wet Corn Co-Products

7. July Wind Energy Production - Legal Issues and Concerns for Land Owners

8. August Nebraska's Woody Biomass Resource