Variety Testing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which variety/hybrid works for my area?

Use the performance test reported by the Variety Testing Program. The report is based on unbiased head-to-head evaluation of varieties for yield and agronomic data from various companies and public breeding institutions. We have no interest other than to identify the best performing varieties and make the information available for our producers. Producers use the information to choose which variety to grow for the following season.

Who is eligible to enter a variety/hybrid into the Variety Testing Program?

Any public institution or private company that wants to market the variety/hybrid in Nebraska.

Why can’t I find my favorite brand in your seed guide? How do I know the relative performance of my brand?

This is because the company owning/marketing the brand did not submit for testing. If you want to see your brand in our test and see how it is performing against a comparable brand, contact your seed dealer or the brand holding company representative and ask to enter their brand for next season. Companies that enter their product in variety testing do so voluntarily. If you think the information is very important (which it is), you can demand as a condition of your continued business with the company that varieties be entered in Nebraska Variety Testing Program.

Producers have the right to demand third party information regarding claimed performance of a given variety/hybrid which is under certain management and growing environments.

All companies marketing varieties/hybrids in Nebraska are encouraged to enter their technology in the State Variety Test.

Is it possible for a company to game the outcome of a test for a winner by increasing the number of entered hybrids?

This is simply impossible. There is no relationship between the number of entries and top performance. The only time when a top performer could be related to number of entries is if the yield report is averaged on brand or company names, or in the unlikely event all the entries (varieties) in the test have the same yield potential. Test results are reported for individual variety/hybrid and may be averaged on testing zone when appropriate.

What is the benefit for seed companies entering their technology in the Variety Testing Program?

Companies that enter their product for variety testing will benefit from additional information such as
1) having third party information to substantiate their claim about their varieties;
2) further evaluation of performance under farmers' management and growing environment;
3) test results from different locations across the state help streamline product placement and marketing options;
4) the seed guide and Variety Testing Web site are marketing outlets.

What happens when a variety is entered in a different name?

We expect to be updated by the entrant of any name changes. This will ensure appropriate calculation of multiple season averages if the entry appeared for more than one testing season. This is also true when a variety or hybrid was entered with experimental designation and renamed. We will update our records to the new designation as soon as we receive the information.

Is the information in the seed guide the same as the one on the Web?

Not always. We make every effort to include all information in the seed guide. Data from some locations may not be available when the seed guide is sent for printing due to delayed harvest. The whole data for the season is always posted on the Web.