September 20, 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch September 20, 2013 - Index of Articles


Grain bins

With harvest just around the corner, give your equipment and grain storage facilities the attention they need to help reduce losses to insects or molds this winter. Also make sure you have enough high quality breathing masks on hand to see you through harvest, particularly with moldy or drought-stricken crops. (See related stories below.)


September 20, 2013

Grain Storage

  • Clean Bins, Equipment to Reduce Storage Losses. Storage insects often get started in the grain dust and broken kernels and fines that tend to concentrate right under the loading auger in the center of the bin. A thorough cleaning now can help you protect your harvest.

Wheat Production


  • fall-freezeUNL Climatologist: Nebraska Impacts from Colorado Flooding. While South Platte and Platte River flooding will devastate some western Nebraska fields, the river bed itself may benefit from the scouring effect and lead to increased water flow within the river channel next year.
  • If your home or farmstead was flooded, check out this UNL Extension website for information, including how to assess potential damage to ag buildings and stored grain or manage a private drinking water well that may have been contaminated.
  • Fall Frost Dates Profiled. Thirty years of data provides a profile of when early, median and late frosts have occurred throughout the state.
  • CPC October Forecast Indicates Below Normal Precipitation for Nebraska. In a change from their earlier forecast the Climate Predict Center predict below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures for October.

Corn Production

  • Corn stalk nitrate testConduct a Corn Stalk Nitrate Test to Assess Nitrogen Use. This archived story explains how to conduct a corn stalk nitrate test this fall to determine whether your corn was under, adequately, or over fertilized with nitrogen, allowing you time to adjust your strategy for next year's crop.

Disease Management

Ag Safety

  • Protect Your Health with the Right Mask for the Right Job. This harvest protect yourself from aflatoxins and endotoxins resulting from moldy or droughty corn and soybeans. Videos offer tips on selecting the right mask for the job and demonstrate how to properly fit different types of mask to get proper protection.

Alfalfa & Pastures

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