May 10, 2013 - Index of Articles

CropWatch May 10, 2013 - Index of Articles

 wheat stripe rust  

Stripe Rust in Wheat

Early in the season stripe rust can appear more as blotches rather than as stripes. With cool wet conditions, scouting is recommended for it and other wheat diseases. More

Field Peas Get a Start

In western Nebraska a co-op and group of growers committed to field pea production this year with an eye on long-term growth of the crop and related processing.  More

   field peas

 May 10, 2013

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Water for Food Conference

The theme of this year's Water for Food Conference, "Too Hot, Too Wet, Too Dry: Building Resilient Agroecosystems," drew nearly 500 experts from around the world to discuss how to overcome the urgent challenge of growing more food with less water. Follow the speakers and presentations day by day: