March 29, 2013 - Index of Stories

CropWatch March 29, 2013 - Index of Stories

 Seedling wheat

Determining N for Wheat

Wheat is coming out of dormancy with many stands below par, causing growers to evaluate how much nitrogen is recommended and profitable. A table helps you determine what's best for your operation.  MORE

Tips for No-till Planting

Getting a good field of no-till corn starts with effective planting into all kinds of residue. Learn how to adjust your planter and follow the old rows to get consistent, yield-producing stands. MORE

 no-till corn

March 29, 2013


Wheat Production

  • Will N Applications be Profitable in Winter Wheat in 2013? Spring fertilizer management for 2013 wheat presents bigger challenges than last year due to severely limited precipitation in the last six months. See recommended nitrogen rates for various residual nitrate levels, wheat prices, and the current N price.

Corn Production

Soybean Production

Forage and Pasture Production

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Sericea LespedezaWeed Management

USDA Reports

  • Nebraska Intended Plantings Drop Slightly; Corn Still High. Nebraska's intended corn acres are down 1% from last year, but would be the second largest planting since 1933, according to this week's USDA report. Nebraska corn stocks are down 14%, soybeans are down 42%, and sorghum stocks are down 57% from a year ago.

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