Index of Stories for February, 2013

CropWatch Index of Stories for February, 2013

Stalk shredding in mid-February in central Nebraska

With a few warmer days this week, one farmer in central Nebraska took to the field to do some stalk shredding. Temperatures over the next two weeks are expected to vary considerably with two winter storms on the horizon. (Photo by Gary Zoubek)

February 2013

Crop Research

  • Cassman Says Yield Potential Predictions Can Help Global Food Security. “We need to have a much finer ability to predict the productive capacity of every hectare of land and its water efficiency. It’s fundamental to being able to prioritize the research agenda for agriculture and to determine what form agriculture should take,” said Ken Cassman, Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Agronomy at UNL. Cassman was speaking Feb. 17 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston.

Farm Management

Weed Management

  • March Workshops Tackle Weed Resistance Management. It's going to take a community of individual efforts to control the development of herbicide-resistant weeds in Nebraska. Learn what you can do now in one of several meetings being held in March.

Grain Storage

 Forage Production

Market Journal


Crops for Youth

Extension Meetings and Resources


  • See UNL's Drought Resources for information on crop, livestock, home, and family response to the drought.

Market Journal

On this week's Market Journal Brad Lubben, UNL Extension public policy specialist, weighs enrollment in the ACRE and direct and counter-cyclical farm programs and outlines the upcoming Cornhusker Economics meetings. See more segments from this week's Market Journal.