Jackson Stansell in field
Founder of Sentinel Fertigation, Jackson Stansell is the keynote speaker at the South Central Agricultural Laboratory (SCAL) field day set for Tuesday, Aug. 1.

See Latest Field Research at South Central Ag Lab Field Day Aug. 1

July 24, 2023
The 2023 SCAL Field Day is free to attend and will feature presentations on fertigation, nutrient and irrigation technology, and new research and strategies on controlling disease, insects and weeds in corn and soybean.

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corn tassels on the top of the corn plant

Crop Progress: Corn, Soybean Progress Near Average, Winter Wheat Harvest Behind

July 20, 2023
Corn and soybean progress continues near the five year average, soil moisture remains consistent and the winter wheat harvest continues but well behind last year and the five year average.

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N Field Observation text logo

This Week on N Field: White Mold in Soybeans

July 20, 2023
White mold in your soybeans? In this N Field Observations, Nebraska Extension Educator Amy Timmerman discusses how field history, irrigation and row spacing are important factors affecting the presence of white mold as well as what you can do if it is in your field.

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Hail-damaged soybean

Hail Damage to Soybean in Reproductive Stages and Options

July 14, 2023
Nebraska Extension educators and specialists share replant recommendations for soybean producers recently affected by hailstorm damage.

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Nebraska to Host Cellular and Molecular Biology of the Soybean Conference

July 13, 2023
Industry experts from organizations across the U.S. are set to present their research insights on advancements in soybean genetics during the Aug. 10-13 conference.

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Rainstorm over cornfield
Historical crop progress data for Nebraska is available at USDA.

Crop Progress: Crop Conditions Improve Following Widespread Rain

July 10, 2023
Nebraska crop conditions and topsoil moisture improved slightly across the board after last week's rainfall, and crop growth progressed near average pace for most crops.

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Glenn Spangler in field
A summer intern conducts soybean stand counts on a soybean seeding rate on-farm research study.

Growing Results: Soybean Seeding Rates

July 6, 2023
Get a closer look at Glenn Spangler's on-farm research into soybean seeding rates with Nebraska On-Farm Research Network's new Growing Results photo gallery. 

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Wheat grain
Historical grain stock reports for Nebraska are available at USDA.

Nebraska June 1, 2023 Grain Stocks

July 6, 2023
Most Nebraska grain stocks were down considerably as of June 1, with wheat leading the deficit at 61% lower than June 2022 stocks.

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