Soil Fertility

Project SENSE sensors in the field.
Figure 1. UNL researchers are testing the use of crop sensors and real-time N application in the field based on sensor readings. The project was started with 17 sites across the state in 2015 and will be expanded to 20 more sites in 2016.

UNL Project SENSE Expanding Research to Increase N Efficiency

May 5, 2016

When and at what rate nitrogen fertilizer should be applied are major questions for today's corn producers. Nebraska Extension is helping answer these questions through Project SENSE, which stands for Sensors for Efficient Nitrogen Use and Stewardship of the Environment.

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Using Chemigation for In-Season N Application

May 4, 2016
Heavy spring rains may have leached nitrogen from some soils. In-season chemigation applications can provide nitrogen when the plant most needs it and reduce the potential for leaching. To use chemigation, users must meet two major requirements: they must be certified to use chemigation and pollution prevention equipment must be installed at each injection location and inspected and approved by the local NRD.

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Nutrient Levels, Fertility, and the Price Squeeze

March 30, 2016

Current economic conditions are a challenge for crop producers to earn profits from corn, soybean, winter wheat, and milo production. Following is a discussion around how to make nutrient decisions this year. Robert Tigner is an Extension Educator focusing on agricultural economic issues.

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