Ventenata plants
Ventenata / North African Grass seed heads, Ventenata dubia (Leers) Coss. Photo credit: ©Prof Matt Lavin-2008/Bozeman, Montana, USA - CC BY-SA 2.0

Watching for Ventenata — an Invasive Weed on our Western Horizon April 5, 2017

Ventenata is an invasive grass in Wyoming that is slowly spreading east. If it does migrate to Nebraska, early detection and rapid response will be essential in controlling its establishment. If it were to become established in the Pine Ridge area or Sandhills, it could devastate the ecology and range production.

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Frost Seeding Legumes Into Pastures And Hay Meadows March 2, 2017

Can you afford to fertilize your pastures with expensive nitrogen? If not, legumes may offer the benefits you’re seeking. Adding clovers, alfalfa, or other legumes to grasslands and meadows can boost profits, reduce nitrogen costs, and make pastures more productive and higher quality. Here are three steps to help ensure your success.

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