Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy

equipment lease graphic

Caution for Farm Equipment Leases March 23, 2017

Many factors in the current agricultural economy are leading producers to consider a lease arrangement of new capital purchases instead of an outright purchase. When considering this option, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons as well as possible effects on your tax return.

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Reduce the Cost of Planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa March 23, 2017

Roundup Ready alfalfa seed can be expensive, but establishing a new field may not cost as much as you think if you follow these recommendations.

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grain bins

How to Reduce On-Farm Grain Drying Energy Costs March 22, 2017

Article reviewed and updated by Chuck Burr, Nebraska Extension Educator

With lower crops prices, grain producers are asking how to reduce the cost of drying grain on the farm. This paper discusses management strategies to minimize energy costs.

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grain bins
Researchers found significant savings in drying grain in layers rather than the more traditional practice of filling the bin and then drying it.

Reduce Drying Time and Energy Cost by Filling Drying Bins in Layers March 22, 2017

Many grain producers have on-farm grain drying and storage facilities and most have more than one bin equipped with a high capacity aeration fan with heat to reduce drying time. Researchers ran a mathematical analysis to study the advantage of filling drying bins in layers as an rather than the normal practice of filling one bin completely before filling the next bin.

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Farmer Jerry Mulliken of Nickerson

Increase Profitability with On-Farm Research March 16, 2017

Jerry Mulliken discusses what he's learned from conducting more than 30 research studies on his farm near Nickerson, Nebraska. On-farm research provides meaningful information specific to a farm's soils, farming practices, and local conditions, allowing growers to make management decisions with confidence. Learn more from a farmer's perspective in this article and video.

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farmer in a field
Concerns about finances may be contributing to significant stress for farmers and their families this spring. Consider these ideas and resources for managing.

When Stressful Times Strain You and Your Family March 16, 2017

Commodity prices have you down? Trying to cut costs without cutting profitability? Putting in long days and late nights? If this describes your situation, you are not alone.

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