Field pea in the Panhandle

Winter Wheat and Pea Field Days in the Panhandle in June

June 7, 2019
Field days of three winter wheat variety trials and two field pea variety trials will be conducted this June in the Panhandle. Discussion topics will include genetics, including new varieties on the horizon, and production issues.

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Double cropping trial near Mead

Double Cropping Field Peas with Cover Crops, Forages, and Short-Season Crops

January 9, 2019

Farmers throughout the Corn Belt may want to consider diversifying traditional corn and soybean rotations to increase agronomic sustainability and to spread financial risks associated with low market prices of corn and soybean. An alternative is a more diverse crop rotation using field pea (short-season grain crop) followed by cover crops, forages, or short-season crops (Figure 1).

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