Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics

2018 Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic on Soils
Figure 1. Extension Educator Keith Glewen demonstrates how soil layers are affected by various practices at the 2018 Soil Health Clinic. (Photo by Deloris Pittman)

August Clinics Offer In-Field Training on Soil Health, Corn and Soybean Production

July 25, 2019
Nebraska Extension is offering in-field training opportunities at three Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics: the Soil Health Clinic Aug. 22, the Midwest Soybean Production Clinic Aug. 27, and the Midwest Corn Production Clinic Aug. 28.

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Attendees view maturing corn plants at a previous clinic.
Agribusiness professionals and crop producers will take a close-up look at field conditions, research and techniques at the University of Nebraska’s Crop Management Diagnostic Clinics.

Soybean and Corn Production Clinics this August

August 1, 2018
Nebraska Extension’s Aug. 22 Midwest Soybean Production Clinic and Aug. 23 Midwest Corn Production Clinic will provide in-field opportunities for participants to work with crops in the early vegetative stages of growth through maturity.

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