Field of alfalfa

Market Facilitation Funds for Alfalfa Growers

October 30, 2019
Thanks to the trade war, alfalfa growers may qualify for market facilitation payments, regardless of whether they were exporting their hay. Prior to the trade war, China was the number one importer of alfalfa hay from the United States.

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While mold sclerotia in a soybean stem

Crop Disease Reports from the UNL Diagnostic Clinic

September 13, 2019
Diseases of corn, soybean, sorghum and alfalfa diagnosed by the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic in the last two weeks.

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Figure 1. Research in northeast Nebraska indicates that adding alfalfa to a corn-soybean rotation can reduce nitrate in the aquifer while increasing profit.

Adding Alfalfa to Corn-Soybean Rotation can Increase Profit, Reduce Nitrate Leaching

July 31, 2019
University research shows that adding alfalfa into corn-soybean rotations can help reduce the loss of nitrate to and increase the extraction of nitrate from aquifers while improving profitability.

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Managing Seeding Year Alfalfa

July 16, 2019
Seeding year alfalfa is different from established stands and needs a different management and harvest strategy. While alfalfa seedlings can be harvested 40 days after emergence, it’s better to wait until 60 to 70 days after emergence.

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Controlling Summer Annual Weeds in Alfalfa

June 26, 2019
Wet soils after alfalfa cutting can encourage weeds and grasses like foxtail, crabgrass, pigweed to grow quickly, but cultural and chemical control is possible.

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Potato leafhopper

Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa

June 11, 2019
Potato leafhoppers are reported in north central Kansas and may be arriving in Nebraska soon. It is not too early to begin scouting for these insects and protecting your alfalfa with one of the registered insecticides listed here.

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Seed Supply of Summer Annual Forages May be Short

May 22, 2019
Several factors this spring may be limiting alfalfa and hay production, making summer annual forages a good option to ensure livestock feed is available later. If you're consider this, be sure to obtain the seed you want before supplies tighten.

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Assessing Freeze Damage to Alfalfa

May 23, 2022
Did your alfalfa suffer freeze or frost damage last weekend? If you suspect more than frozen or wilting leaves, check the growing point of plants. All new leaves, stems and branches initially develop from the growing point.

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