NeATA Conference

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Nebraska Agricultural Technologies Association Conference

February 13-14, 2013

Midtown Holiday Inn  -   Grand Island, Nebraska

2013 NEATA Conference Presentations

"Ag is Sexy and NU Knows It: Innovating Agriculture for the 2050 World" - Dr. Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D. Vice-President, Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska Harlan Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"Ag Technology Roadmap to Support U.S. Crop Production" - Dr. John P. Fulton, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Auburn University.

"The Purpose of Precision" - Kylen Hunt, PDS Manager, Cropmetrics.

"Appy Hour" - Dennis Kahl, Extension Educator, and Jennifer Reese, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Bonnie Schulz, NECC Ag Instructor.

"Improving Crop Input Use Efficiency Through Use of Precision Ag Tools" - Dr. John Shanahan, Agronomy Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer.

"NextField YMZ" - Jeff Wessels, NextField Systems Leader, Cargill.

"Agtronics: Protecting your Precious Commodities" - Aaron Zimmerman and Dan Spray, Agtronics, LLC.

"Soil Moisture Probes" - Tanner Tool, Territory Sales Representative, AquaSpy, Inc.

"Got Broadband?" - Dennis Kahl, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"AgGateway, What's in it for you?" - Steve Franzen, Central Valley Ag.

"Innovations in Soil Measurements" - Brian Springer, CCA, Solumn, Inc.

"Developing Prescription Maps for Variable-Rate Application using SMS" - Dr. Joe Luck, Assistant Professor and Precision Agriculture Engineer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"New Apps for Advanced Grain Management" - Adam Gittins, General Manager, Heartland Technologies Solutions.

"Practical Uses of Aerial Imagery" - Nate J. Taylor, Sales and Marketing Manager, Agriculture GEOvantage.

"Improving your Planting Efficiency" - Mike Bailey, Precision Planting.

"Hydraulic Down Pressure for Planters" - Adam Gittins, General Manager, Heartland Technologies Solutions.

"Drones: Automated Flight for Crop Imaging" - Vishal Singh, Pixobot, LLC.

"NRCS Programs that Promote Adoption of Variable Rate Technology" - Dr. Corey Brubaker, State Conservation Agronomist, Nebraska NRCS.