Current UNL Research Projects

Improving Organic Farming Systems Across Nebraska Agroecoregions

This project establishes a land base to conduct research on which to solve the agronomic and pest problems found on organic farms. The project also seeks to establish an index to evaluate the impact of farming methods on wildlife.

Organic Small Grains Breeding and Systems Development

grain fieldThis project examines breeding new wheat cultivars specifically for organic systems with an emphasis on disease and pest resistance, response to organic fertilizers, and end-use quality.

Weed Flaming 

weed flamingThis project explores if propane flaming could be one alternative for weed control in organically grown field crops.

The Healthy Farm Index 

The Healthy Farm Index is a tool for landowners that integrates ecological, economic, and social parameters to assess how land-use and land-cover patterns influence biodiversity, production, and other ecosystem services.