fresh herb and vegetable display

The marketing model used in conventional agriculture is not easily applied to organic systems. Currently, local elevators that accept organic grains are not common, though they do exist in some areas. Farmers who transition to organic production must also transition their marketing strategies. Whether growing organic grains, herbs, fruits and vegetables, or raising organically certified livestock, marketing becomes an additional consideration. Producers who have always sold to local elevators will find that quality time will be needed to do a good job with marketing organic products.

Nebraska Department of Agriculture Farmers’ Market Online Database lists local farmers markets across the state as well as produce stands and local producers. It also identifies vendors participating in one of NDA’s fresh produce coupon programs for low income individuals.

Lincoln's Historic Haymarket Farmers Market May 2 - Oct. 10

Omaha's Farmers Market at 11th & Jackson St. May 2 - Oct. 10