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All Four Organic Farming Research Sites Now Certified

  • Northeast Research and Extension Center - Haskell Agricultural Laboratory - Concord, 25 acres third year of conversion, certified NOP organic 2008.  Crop rotation: oats/clovers, alfalfa, corn, soybeans, winter wheat. 2007 Crop yield: Corn bu/acre, Soybeans bu/acre and Alfalfa Charles Shapiro, Soil Scientist - 402-584-3803; Mike Mainz, Organic Technician.
  • South Central Agricultural Laboratory - Clay Center has 4.5 acres in transition and 17.5 certified NOP organic 2008, 17 acres of laterally irrigated field plots are set-up to compare three year and four year rotation: soybeans, corn, winter wheat, alfalfa.  2007 yields: Soybeans 48 bu/acre, Corn 164 bu/acre.  Clay Center: Bob Wright, Entomology - 403-472-2128; Mark Bernards, Extension Weed Specialist - 402-472-1534, Ryan Gerloff, Organic Technician.
  • Panhandle Research and Extension Center - High Plains Agricultural Laboratory - Sidney, 76 acres second year of certified NOP organic.  Crop rotation: two crops in three years: wheat/millet/fallow, wheat/sunflower/fallow and wheat/corn/fallow.  2007 Crop yield: Wheat 52.2 bu/acre, Millet 22.5 bu/acre. Drew J. Lyon, Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist - 308-632-1266, Veron Florke, Organic Technician.
  • Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station - Agricultural Research and Development Center - Mead, 45 acres protected by mature shelterbelts, certified NOP organic 2008.  Crop rotation: corn, soybeans, winter wheat with clovers and dairy manure as plow-down.  2007 Crop yield: Wheat 35 bu/acre, Soybeans 45 bu/acre and Corn 90 bu/acre due to wind damage.  Jim Brandle, Natural Resources, 402-472-6626, Chuck Francis, Agronomy and Horticulture 402-472-1581, Mike Cieslik, Organic Technician.

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