Soil management for dry bean production

Mixed dry edible beans

(From Dry Bean Production and Pest Management, 2nd Edition)

Sound nutrient management is a valuable component to a profitable bean crop. A balanced fertility program enhances the benefits of other practices, but cannot compensate for poor management. Along with sound management practices, wise nutrient use will enhance crop yield, improve crop quality, promote early maturity and maximize profits. Conversely, excessive nutrient application can create other nutrient deficiencies by upsetting the overall nutrient balance or lead to development of foliar diseases due to excessive vegetative growth.

Fertilizer applications should be based on soil tests, crop requirements, crop rotations and experience. Soil testing is an important tool that can be used to help make nutrient management decisions, provided a representative soil sample is provided to the lab.

(Original article by Bart Stevens, Jessica Davis, Jurg Blumental, and Gary W. Hergert)

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