Switchgrass Closeup photo by Rob Mitchell
Switchgrass seed heads. (Photo courtesy of Rob Mitchell, USDA ARS)

Bioenergy Seminars  

  • Bioenergy Seminars bring diverse perspectives to a single topic
  • Held throughout the state of Nebraska
  • Speakers are from the areas of industry, government, and education

We welcome your seminar ideas. To send us your ideas, or to be notified about future programs, please contact F. John Hay, or call (402) 472-0408.

Seminars 2015: 

  • Solar PV Design and Installation Workshops

Seminars 2014: 

  • Switchgrass Field Days

Seminars 2013: 

  • Switchgrass Field Tour
  • Small wind and solar field tour 

Seminars 2012:

  • Switchgrass Production Workshop 2012

Seminars 2011:

  • Renewable Energy Potential in Nebraska

Seminars 2010:

  • Cellulosic Biofuels Web Seminar Series

Seminars 2009:

  • Ethanol Co-product storage and Utilization in Grazing Systems

Seminars 2008 :

  • Wind Power: What Land Owners Need to Know
  • Ethanol Co-product Storage and Utilzation Conference