Summer supplementation study using distiller grains cubes on bromegrass pasture near Mead, Nebraska,  2009       

Seminars 2009


BIO eConference Growing the Bioeconomy Solutions for Sustainability

 December 1st, 2009, Mahoney State Park, Ashland, Nebraska

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Ethanol Co-product Storage and Utilization in Grazing Systems

June 2-3, 2009 UNL, Agricultural Research and Development Center near Mead, NE
This conference was made possible with funding from the North Central SARE and featured expert speakers and tours on rangeland feeding and cow performance with distillers grains (DGS). Other topics included were dgs as forage replacement, meat characteristics, storage losses, and distillers use in dairy. A unique barrel storage systems was demonstrated for small areas.


Summer Supplementation: Plant and Animal Response – A Kansas Perspective download PPT – Lyle Lomas, Kansas State University Southeast Ag Research Center.

Summer Supplementation: Plant, Animal and Environmental Response – A Nebraska Perspective download PPT – Terry Klopfenstein, Professor, Animal Science, University of Nebraska and Will Griffin, Ag Research Technician, University of Nebraska.

Grazing Management When Supplementing Co-Products download PPT – Jerry Volesky and Walter Schacht, Range and Forage Specialist, University of Nebraska.

Winter Supplementation – Utilizing Co-Products as a Supplement in Winter Range and Crop Residue Systems download PPT – Aaron Stalker and Rick Funston, Extension Beef Specialist, University of Nebraska.

Feeding Distillers Grains in the Dry-lots for Cows and Replacement Heifers download PPT – Rick Rasby, Extension Beef Specialist, University of Nebraska.

Feeding and Storing Ethanol Co-Products: What are Producers and Industry People Telling Us download PPT - Carl Bern, Iowa State University.

Impacts of Distillers Grains Feeding on Carcass and Meat Characteristics download PPT– Chris Calkins, Professor, Animal Science, University of Nebraska

Distillers Grains Use in Dairy Cattle Operations and Effect on Production and Milk Characteristics download PPT – Paul Kononoff, Dairy Nutrition Specialist, University of Nebraska.

Energy Value of Feeding Distillers in a Forage Diet and Feeding Fresh versus Stored Distillers: What Does the Research Say? download PPT– Terry Klopfenstein, Ruminant Nutrition, University of Nebraska.

Mineral Supplementation Strategies when Feeding Grain Co-Products download PPT – Dennis Bauer, Extension Educator, University of Nebraska

Producer Perspective: My Observations of Feeding Grain Co-Products on Nebraska Ranches - Terry DeGroff