Gary Zoubek - Extension Educator

Impact of Cover Crops on Corn and Soybean Yield in Nebraska On-Farm Research

November 29, 2016
A review of studies in the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network on the impacts of cover crops on subsequent corn and soybean yields at various locations in Nebraska.

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Field of mature soybeans
Figure 1. Keep a careful eye on soybean moisture as the crop dries down. What appears to be wet from the road may be dry enough to harvest. Soybeans in right side of photo had a fungicide application, same variety, thus are staying green longer.

Set Soybean Harvest Goal of 13% Moisture to Aid Profits

September 21, 2016
Learn how setting a goal of 13% moisture for harvested soybeans can help maximize potential profit from this year's harvest. Also see recommended adjustments for harvesting greener soybeans.

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