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Designing and Setting Up an On-Farm Research Experiement

This course is designed for farmers, agronomists, crop advisors, researchers, extension faculty, and anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of proper experimental design for on-farm research. In addition, the course will cover practical aspects of setting up a research experiment and prescription using precision ag data management software.

In this course you will use precision ag software to design an on-farm research experiment and create a prescription. There are several components to this course include video lectures, text, and hands-on activities. Use the navigation bar at the left to follow along through each step. If you would like to apply for CCA credits for this course, please click on Lesson 1 Quiz when finished with the course."

This course uses AgLeader SMS Advanced software for teaching purposes. Having AgLeader SMS Advanced on your computer is not necessary for completion of this course, but it is recommended as it will allow you to follow along and complete activities yourself.

For more information about this software, find out how to access a free trial visit the “SMS Demo Download and Install” video in the SMS Advanced - Software Management section.

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